Super Blend Me Challenge Day 4

Hello Day 4 - I had the best sleep, woke up feeling energized.  Full of beans today, well this is a change from how I've been feeling the past couple of days.  The girls wanted a cooked breakfast this morning, I really thought I would be craving it too but I wasn't and was really looking forward to having my first smoothie of the morning.  I had this a bit later in the morning I wasn't craving food when I woke up.  I took my time, enjoying all the flavours, today we're off to my friends for a sleepover so after my lunchtime smoothie, I prepared my evening one, if your doing the challenge or thinking of doing it then it really is best to prep if you know you will be out at the times when your smoothie is due, it saves you from falling off the wagon, and you will feel so much better for it.

Dinner time came at my friends, she had cooked Spaghetti Bolognese which is one of my favourites, the smell of the onions and all the flavours made me so hungry, I sat at the table with them whilst they all tucked into their food and there was me drinking my super green blend which was delicious.  Later in the evening I started to feel super hungry, I think because I'd stayed up later than what I have been my brain was telling me that I needed something.  I had a couple of dizzy spells tonight, really I should have just gone to bed early again instead I stayed up and gave in and had some plain Pringles, now let me tell you I felt so satisfied when I'd had them but the next morning waking up day 5, whilst I'm writing this I can feel them still I wish I had never eaten them.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it, I'm only human.  There's no way I will be slipping like that again, really what I should have done was have a piece of fruit or made some of the recommended protein balls.  You have to be prepared to fight those little demons!

Day 4 the bloating had gone, I tried put on a pair of trousers that a few weeks back wouldn't even do up but today I got them on without any problems, now I can see that I'm feeling lighter.  I feel good for the first time on the challenge I feel like I have lots of energy.  

We shall see what day 5 brings.  Nearly half way there, I'm going to do this!!

8am - Pea 'n' Pom Avo Super Blend Me
1pm - Raspberry Coconut Protein Shake
6pm - Turbo Charge Super Blend

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