Super Blend Me Challenge Day 3

Hello Day 3 well I have to say I had the best sleep last night, usually I struggle to get to sleep or wake at least 3/4 times but I slept through and felt great.  So Abi is off again today so we'll be heading to my Mum's for the day before we pick up Sophia.  Today I'm craving caffeine, so before the plan I was having at least 3 cups of coffee a day, or tea.  I've always been fairly good with my water intake so that's not a problem keeping up with that but the caffeine today I'm struggling, I walk into my Mum's and can smell coffee, argh the temptation! A large glass of water it is.  Before I left home this morning I made my lunchtime smoothie, I'm glad I did, come 12pm I started to feel hungry, Abi was eating a big plate of Macaroni Cheese, I'm not a fan of the ready made ones which is what she had from Sainsburys, but the smell of it suddenly was so appealing.  No I shall not give in, I grabbed my smoothie and slowly drank it, I want to make it last.  Abi was waving her toffee dessert in my face, saying 'Mummy you can't have any' the smell of the toffee, it smelt so good.  Again I shall not give in!  

Today I'm still feeling quite bloated, and I haven't been to the toilet as regularly as I usually do, maybe this is my body adjusting to the change.  I don't expect to have a flat stomach by day 3 but I'm quite surprised at how bloated I'm feeling.  I feel tired again today, like I could happily sleep all day which is not like me.  I'm feeling super moody, maybe this is the withdrawals from all the bad stuff, plus its that time of the month both combined!  Another early night for me tonight, we're having movie night and the girls have their snacks of crisps and chocolate, I'm drinking my water, I know if I give in then it will just ruin what I've started.

8am - Tahini Protein Berry Blast
1pm - Minty Green Super Blend
6pm - Super Berry Blast

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