Super Blend Me Challenge Day 2

Day 2 - Woke up feeling okay, happy that I'd completed my first day without any fails.  After breakfast the hunger started to kick in around 11 am so I had a large glass of water and tried everything to distract myself from thinking about food!

I found myself craving to have my lunch smoothie.  Abigail is off sick today at home so I'm doing everything I can do distract myself from wanting food.  Making her lunch was a struggle (she had chicken wraps with salad), one part of my brain was telling me yes, the other part shouting no!! But I didn't give in to the bad side.  I'm feeling quite bloated today (that time of the month ladies!) I always seem to bloat out before hand, I'm also feeling a bit sluggish, wanting to snack on things.  My body is craving rubbish.  By the afternoon I wanted to fall asleep, if she hadn't have been off I could have gone for a long walk to wake myself up.  I'm not going to give up.

Tonight I tried Yoga for the first time.  I've wanted to do it for so long I looked up a few videos on YouTube for beginners, even the girls joined in with me.  Lets just say I need to work on my flexibility! I need to plan some kind of exercise routine with this challenge, whether it be long walks and home workouts.  My friend wants me to join the gym with her, its fitting it in, maybe I should at least if I have someone to workout with it usually motivates you more.  We used to train together all the time at the beginning of last year, I need that buzz again!

I loved all of today's smoothies. My 1pm Raspberry Coconut Protein Shake is my ultimate favorite. Lets hope I sleep well tonight its 9.30pm and I'm ready for bed.  We shall see how I'm feeling tomorrow.

8am - Creamy Nut Butter Protein Blast
1pm - Raspberry Coconut Protein Shake
6pm - Blue 'n' Green Protein Queen

Todays Mood Meh!

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