Super Blend Me Challenge Day 1

The past few weeks I've started to feel bloated and diet hasn't exactly been great.  After being poorly for most of the Christmas period I didn't have a massive appetite so lost a little weight, not intentionally may I add but just because I couldn't stomach much.  So after feeling better again I suppose I went into a bit of a binge.  I then started to feel sluggish and bloated again and knew I'd put on quite a few extra pounds but I didn't feel good at all, my skin was breaking out, my jeans were getting tight, I wasn't sleeping properly and I was just generally feeling rubbish.  My Mum told me about the Super Blend Me Book by Jason Vale, that she had ordered, feeling motivated to do something about the way I was feeling I decided to sign myself up to the 10 day challenge.  There is no fee for the actual challenge, and I didn't want to wait for the book to be delivered so I downloaded his app on iTunes, watched the YouTube videos provided on the app and decided that this was a challenge that I wanted to set myself not only to lose weight but to feel better and detox my body from all the crap I had been consuming, foods that I knew were not good for me but just ate for the sake of it, I'm sure we've all been there!

Let me tell you a little bit about the Super Blend Me Challenge - It consists to three smoothies a day for 10 days, you can also complete it for 14 or 21 days but that's totally up to you.  So the smoothies are packed with goodness to fill you up between meals.  You can of course drink water in between to fill the hunger.  I think mentally you have to be prepared and in the right mindset to do this.  I'm determined not to give up & I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel both mentally and physically.  It is also recommended to exercise whether it be going to the gym for 30 minutes a few times a week, going for long walks or even home workouts.  You can find all the information about the Challenge on the Super Blend Me App or in the book/ebook. Including lots of very tasty recipes.

Day 1 - So today is my very first day starting the challenge, I'm feeling super motivated to complete today so I'll be keeping a daily diary documenting my highs and lows, how I'm feeling, finding the challenge.

8am - Time for my first smoothie of the day which is the Turbo Charge Super Blend.  This tastes amazing, maybe not to everyones taste but when making smoothies I always like to make them with lots of green goodness.

1pm - Blueberry Kale & Cashew Crunch - I love Cashew nuts and this was super tasty.

6pm - Tahini Protein Berry Blast - 6pm and I was so ready for this bad boy!

So day 1 is over, I surprisingly feel quite full up, in all honestly I really thought I would be starving and craving food but I'm not, its the end of day one and its been an easy day.  I've been drinking water inbetween feeling hungry but honestly its not as bad as what I thought I would feel like.  Lets see what day 2 brings.

I've also been stalking other Instagram accounts that are also doing the challenge which is very motivating and great seeing peoples results who have already taken part.

All the recipes are set out for you each day so in a day my smoothies consist of Kale, Strawberries, Blueberries, Yougart, Sunflower Seeds, Spinach, Apple, Almond Milk, Coconut Water & Milk & Oaty Milk.  Full recipes are all found within the plan.

At the end of the plan I will be putting my before & after results for the challenge, I won't be putting any photos up just yet!

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