Things to do Online For Those Lonely Nights In

Okay so this one may include some stuff for the single Mumma's out there (or Dad's) but I thought I'd put together a post about fun things to do online, or should I say fun for singletons like myself!  Most of these things I'll do when the girls are in bed and I have a spare hour or so to myself in the evenings or when the girls are at their Dad's.  Most of the time its fairly quiet at home so now that technology has taken over I spend most of that time online.  I really can't imagine life without technology now a days, gone were the days where you would pick up the house phone and ring friends and family for a chat - Its all done now over social media and phone apps like Wassap!

So here's a couple of things I get up to 

Shopping Online - Whether it be browsing or actually purchasing something I absolutely love looking online for new bits for the home, or for myself or the girls.  Most of the time it will end up being for my girls but I love seeing what's new, or browsing on different sites that I haven't heard of before.  Instagram actually almost weekly throws my way new businesses to look at whether it be kids clothes or home stuff.  I'm a bit of an impulse spender too which is not always good is it! If I have the money I feel like I HAVE to spend it! Surely I can't be the only one out there who does that.

Tindering - Ha now this one is for the singletons out there, okay I'll admit it I do use online dating apps! I mean who doesn't now a days.  My social life isn't exactly amazing that I can get out there constantly and meet guys so I guess now online dating is the way forward!  I'm actually going to write a whole new separate post for this as I do have a few Tinder stories to tell.  There are also a couple of other dating apps I have tried in the past that I will tell you about soon! But being a single woman, these days apps are the way forward.  I have plenty of friends who are now in happy relationships from meeting their partners online.  Watch out for the separate post as I do have a few good dating stories to tell, one of which should have put me off for life!!

Online Games - Have you ever had that sudden impulse to have a quick gamble online, I mean I would never I don't think become addicted to these sites but imagine going on say using a £10 deposit and coming away with £400, now you wouldn't be complaining then would you.  I think played responsibly there's nothing wrong with a bit of Online Bingo I mean people go out and play it so why not also do it in the comfort of your own home.

As you can see my life isn't massively exciting, but asides from these three things I occasionally get up to online I also love writing my blog.  I also have a plan which I would love to start for 2018 which I'm not saying anything about yet but, its something I've been thinking about doing for a while I've just got to get my head around how to start it all.  Any guesses what it could be? 

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