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I'm really excited to be sharing with you this lovely Winter Box as for me it couldn't have come at a better time, as well as being a lovely gift for Christmas this would also be a great treat for yourself or for a friend who is in need of some extra TLC.  For me I've been feeling quite run down lately.  Which I will do a separate post for but I feel like my body is in need of some extra attention, I need to start looking after myself more.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Winter Box from a lovely company called Hello Day.  They have created a unique range of healthcare and well being supplements, for men and women.  These are available as seasonal boxes specifically formulated by doctors and pharmacists, Hello Day helps you prepare and manage your body, mind and spirit throughout the year.  Such a great idea to help you start the new Season especially Winter which is the season that tends to make me feel a bit low and not so much myself.

The Winter Box contains four coordinated food supplements to help improve and strengthen hair, nails and skin, boost vitality to maintain energy levels during seasonal lows and to keep you fully recharged, support your immune system in preventing colds and infection and balance your gut for greater bacterial resistance and improve digestive comfort.

IMPORTANT!! Please note importantly that they should be used alongside a healthy way of life rather than a substitute for a balanced diet.  Remember that eating well and regular exercise along with the supplements will improve your well being, not just the capsules alone.

What the Winter Box includes:

Vitality Boost - These are great if you're feeling run down and in need of a boost and to keep you recharged and your energy levels evened out.

Bioharmony Balance - A healthy gut microflora is essential for good digestion and a cleansed system.  Bioharmony Balance combines the effects of multiple priobiotics with a prebiotic to help with digestive discomfort and ease bloating and transit disorders.

Beauty Boost - The prevents and protects, with each season creating its own demands on our skin, hair and nails - whether the drying and weakening effects caused by sun, sea and chlorine or the chapping and cracking effects caused by cold and windy weather, nutritional deficiencies also play their role.

Immunity Support - Support your immune system to fight against those nasty colds, viruses and other infection-causing pathogens.

As I said above all of these should be used along side a good healthy balanced diet and exercise.

I can't wait to keep you updated on my progress of more self care which I will be featuring weekly now on my blog.

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