Dealing With Anxiety

I think at some point throughout our lives we have all suffered from anxiety.  I have suffered with anxiety on and off for years, its a draining and horrible feeling which I don't wish on anyone.  I usually find mine creeps up on me when I'm feeling stressed or worrying about something.

Mine was at an all time HIGH a few years back when I was in a very unhappy and controlling relationship, I actually lost sense of who I was and anxiety and depression took over.  Removing myself from that whole environment obviously helped massively infact I felt like a completely different person all together (that's for another post!) but for now I wanted to share how I deal with anxiety.  

1.  Exercise & Eating Habits
Now I'm not talking having a gym membership to do this, of course exercise is free you can go on long walks, do home workouts or if you have the time then joining a gym is great.  Back in 2015 when I left Sophia's Dad one of the first things I done when I had get myself and the girls settled was join the gym, one of my Brother's friends is a personal trainer and with alot of his help and support I can't tell you what a different person I felt like, I changed my eating habits, by this I mean I cleared out every bit of processed crap in my cupboards and fridge and replaced it with foods that would keep my body healthy and give me the right nutrition it needed.  Exercise helped me massively with my mental health, my mind felt clearer, the anxiety and panic slowly went and I felt confident again, physically and most importantly mentally, I used to look forward to going and working up and sweat, the buzz you get afterwards is great.  For me personally that was my savour.  I truly believe that exercise is a great way to work off any stress and anxiety.  

2.  Talking About Your Feelings
For a long time I had bottled up how I was feeling, scared to speak out and worried what people would think of me, would they think I'm crazy if I told then that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack every time I left the house?! Speaking to someone helped massively, if your worried about telling friends or family then speak to your GP, mental health is so important and letting people know how you are feeling is even more important.  Dealing with these thoughts alone can leave you in a really dark place.  

3.  Declutter
Now I know your going to think how the hell is this going to help and I probably sound crazy writing it but I honestly think a clearer house brings a clearer mind!  I always find that when I have a good spring clean or declutter I always feel better about myself.   

Remember if you are going through a difficult time you are not alone and there is help out there where it be from a professional, friend or family please tell someone.

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