Spoiling the magic of Christmas

I had to write this post, mainly to get this off my chest as I am so disappointed right now.  Abi came home today, sat down and said Mummy Father Christmas isn't real. Huh!? I was surprised to hear her say that as she has always believed in the big man!  But then I knew she wouldn't just come out with something like that, someone must have told her.  Then to my disappointment she told me that someone (I won't say names online) but told her that he isn't real and that I buy all her presents for her.  I mean why would someone do that to a child, spoil their magic of Christmas.

I'm doing my very best to convince Abi that he is real, and that Mummy only buys a couple of things but the rest are from him. 

We have a tradition every year where we visit a lovely place called Bocketts Farm, they have a ride on the tractor to see the man himself at his lovely grotto there in one of the barns, with seats of hay and the big man himself he has a chat with all the children, gets his big book out and each child goes up and tells him whether they have been good or bad! Its really quite sweet, he then gives them each a small present.  It is really magical, I mean I just can't understand why one selfish individual would ever want to spoil that for a child.

'The Crew' Cousins on their Annual Christmas trip

We will certainly be keeping the magic alive this Christmas and I hope you will be too.

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