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I had to write up about these nails, as you know Primark I think have really come up in the world in terms of quality of the clothes, shoes, homeware and now their beauty products.  I am a mega beauty addict and love trying out new products budget & luxury.  So a few weeks ago I really wanted to jazz up my nails, I was going out for the evening with a friend but wanted something a bit more funky than I'd usually wear on my nails.  I've had false nails in the past, gel nails and have found that they completely ruin my nails, they become weak and break so was totally put off the idea of having them again.  Then I went to Primark and found a great selection of false nails.  

If I'm honest I didn't think they would be great in quality nor would they stay on but, how wrong was I!  They are the best false nails I have ever used and they actually stayed on for days which I was so impressed by.  I had loads of compliments at how great they looked, I'd say they stayed on for about 3 days until they started to come off, which was great for budget nails! Bearing in mind, I washed up with them on, showered, bathed the girls and done general everyday things.  

The best thing was they were a massive bargain price of £1 and they also had others for £2 so I purchased a few boxes!  

So if you're looking for something to jazz up your nails for just the night or even daytime wear I would highly recommend the Primark PS Nails.

P.S As you can see in my photo my hands are slightly different shade, this is not photoshop! I have been using the Skinny Dark Tan which I shall be writing about very soon on the blog!

I would love to know your thoughts on the nails? Have you tried them before? 

Thanks for reading x

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