Little Mix Concert 2017

The weekend just gone Abi and I headed to Twickenham to see her favourite girl group, Little Mix!  Abi turned 8 this year and I was struggling to think of what to get her, she has lots of toys enough to last her a lifetime in fact.  Timing was perfect Little Mix were playing at Twickenham Stoop Stadium, which for us is only a bus ride away so I thought it would be great for her first concert.

Tickets were reasonable at £50 each (plus a few pounds booking fee) and our seats were fab.  The Stoop is a very small stadium located close to the main stadium so anywhere you were seated or standing you had a great view of them.  I went for the seated option instead of standing as we had a bit of waiting around and Abi's only 8 so she's not going to want to stand around for hours.  My friend had booked tickets too for her Daughter and luck be in she was seated right next to us which was great, my sister and niece were also sitting in front!

The concert went on for an hour and fifteen minutes, for their age was perfect as they didn't come on until 8pm so being a Sunday night I knew it would be a bit of a late one for school the next morning.  

Little mix were absolutely amazing, being a cool Mum myself I love their music haha! But honestly they were fab, Abi loved it, I haven't seen her smile that much in a long time she was singing along to all of their songs (I was miming as I didn't know the words!!) dancing and having just the best time.

It made the perfect birthday present for Abi and one she won't forget.

I have to also say the security was great there, our bags were throughly checked before we went it.  A few weeks before hand when the Manchester bombing happened Abi didn't actually want to go, but I sat her down and reassured her that she would be safe with Mummy and that security would be doubled up.  There were armed police outside so they were on high alert which really put me at ease too, as a Mummy I wanted my little girl to go and have the best time without feeling anxious, which she did and I'm so glad!

So Mummies and Daddies if you are struggling to think of a gift idea for your Daughter/Son then I would say concert or show tickets are a great gift idea and something for them to remember.

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