Terrible Two's!? Forget that, here comes the Threenager

The terrible twos is a trying period in your child's life and an important time for your child to develop their independence.  One minute their clinging onto you, the next minute they'll be running in the opposite direction.  With Sophia I found that she didn't actually go through the terrible twos, until now.

I thought I had a lucky escape from it all but hell no the terrible twos seem to have come at three years old (Threenager stage).  I don't remember really going through anything with Abigail she's always been quite a placid toddler.

Now lets talk about the Threenager, my 3 year old going on 13, I never knew how challenging it was until now dealing with such an independent and cheeky girl but, at the same time I love to see her changing and her personality and confidence growing.  It is literally like watching a teenager develop, with her confident attitude, she wants to do everything herself, she's even started to walk off in strops when I tell her off, not what I expected from a 3 year old but I wouldn't have her any other way.  I do discipline her and she does push me to my limits at times but I know its just a phase and we'll have to calmly get through it.  I think having her big Sister doesn't help at times, she feeds off of Abi's character and independence too.

I don't know about you but before I really struggled with the girls bedtime, my own fault really as every night I would go in their room with them and stay in Sophia's bed until she went to sleep, such a bad habit to get into.  I know its lovely to hug and kiss them at bedtime and make them feel safe but the worst thing I could have done was stay in the bed until she fell asleep.  We're slowly but surely getting there with the routine of me tucking her in and leaving the room so she falls off herself and its also nice for me to get a break in the evenings without just crawling straight into bed feeling like I had no life!

Parenting will never be a sail in the park will it, I am still learning new things everyday about my girls and ways in which to be the best I can as a Mother.  One thing I have learn't is never to let the bad times get you down as usually the good always outweigh the bad.

I will though be glad to see the back of the Threenager stage eventually, and dreading dealing with the real phase in 10 years time!

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