Hello Day - Hello Winter Box

I'm really excited to be sharing with you this lovely Winter Box as for me it couldn't have come at a better time, as well as being a lovely gift for Christmas this would also be a great treat for yourself or for a friend who is in need of some extra TLC.  For me I've been feeling quite run down lately.  Which I will do a separate post for but I feel like my body is in need of some extra attention, I need to start looking after myself more.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Winter Box from a lovely company called Hello Day.  They have created a unique range of healthcare and well being supplements, for men and women.  These are available as seasonal boxes specifically formulated by doctors and pharmacists, Hello Day helps you prepare and manage your body, mind and spirit throughout the year.  Such a great idea to help you start the new Season especially Winter which is the season that tends to make me feel a bit low and not so much myself.

The Winter Box contains four coordinated food supplements to help improve and strengthen hair, nails and skin, boost vitality to maintain energy levels during seasonal lows and to keep you fully recharged, support your immune system in preventing colds and infection and balance your gut for greater bacterial resistance and improve digestive comfort.

IMPORTANT!! Please note importantly that they should be used alongside a healthy way of life rather than a substitute for a balanced diet.  Remember that eating well and regular exercise along with the supplements will improve your well being, not just the capsules alone.

What the Winter Box includes:

Vitality Boost - These are great if you're feeling run down and in need of a boost and to keep you recharged and your energy levels evened out.

Bioharmony Balance - A healthy gut microflora is essential for good digestion and a cleansed system.  Bioharmony Balance combines the effects of multiple priobiotics with a prebiotic to help with digestive discomfort and ease bloating and transit disorders.

Beauty Boost - The prevents and protects, with each season creating its own demands on our skin, hair and nails - whether the drying and weakening effects caused by sun, sea and chlorine or the chapping and cracking effects caused by cold and windy weather, nutritional deficiencies also play their role.

Immunity Support - Support your immune system to fight against those nasty colds, viruses and other infection-causing pathogens.

As I said above all of these should be used along side a good healthy balanced diet and exercise.

I can't wait to keep you updated on my progress of more self care which I will be featuring weekly now on my blog.


Dealing With Anxiety

I think at some point throughout our lives we have all suffered from anxiety.  I have suffered with anxiety on and off for years, its a draining and horrible feeling which I don't wish on anyone.  I usually find mine creeps up on me when I'm feeling stressed or worrying about something.

Mine was at an all time HIGH a few years back when I was in a very unhappy and controlling relationship, I actually lost sense of who I was and anxiety and depression took over.  Removing myself from that whole environment obviously helped massively infact I felt like a completely different person all together (that's for another post!) but for now I wanted to share how I deal with anxiety.  

1.  Exercise & Eating Habits
Now I'm not talking having a gym membership to do this, of course exercise is free you can go on long walks, do home workouts or if you have the time then joining a gym is great.  Back in 2015 when I left Sophia's Dad one of the first things I done when I had get myself and the girls settled was join the gym, one of my Brother's friends is a personal trainer and with alot of his help and support I can't tell you what a different person I felt like, I changed my eating habits, by this I mean I cleared out every bit of processed crap in my cupboards and fridge and replaced it with foods that would keep my body healthy and give me the right nutrition it needed.  Exercise helped me massively with my mental health, my mind felt clearer, the anxiety and panic slowly went and I felt confident again, physically and most importantly mentally, I used to look forward to going and working up and sweat, the buzz you get afterwards is great.  For me personally that was my savour.  I truly believe that exercise is a great way to work off any stress and anxiety.  

2.  Talking About Your Feelings
For a long time I had bottled up how I was feeling, scared to speak out and worried what people would think of me, would they think I'm crazy if I told then that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack every time I left the house?! Speaking to someone helped massively, if your worried about telling friends or family then speak to your GP, mental health is so important and letting people know how you are feeling is even more important.  Dealing with these thoughts alone can leave you in a really dark place.  

3.  Declutter
Now I know your going to think how the hell is this going to help and I probably sound crazy writing it but I honestly think a clearer house brings a clearer mind!  I always find that when I have a good spring clean or declutter I always feel better about myself.   

Remember if you are going through a difficult time you are not alone and there is help out there where it be from a professional, friend or family please tell someone.


Things to do Online For Those Lonely Nights In

Okay so this one may include some stuff for the single Mumma's out there (or Dad's) but I thought I'd put together a post about fun things to do online, or should I say fun for singletons like myself!  Most of these things I'll do when the girls are in bed and I have a spare hour or so to myself in the evenings or when the girls are at their Dad's.  Most of the time its fairly quiet at home so now that technology has taken over I spend most of that time online.  I really can't imagine life without technology now a days, gone were the days where you would pick up the house phone and ring friends and family for a chat - Its all done now over social media and phone apps like Wassap!

So here's a couple of things I get up to 

Shopping Online - Whether it be browsing or actually purchasing something I absolutely love looking online for new bits for the home, or for myself or the girls.  Most of the time it will end up being for my girls but I love seeing what's new, or browsing on different sites that I haven't heard of before.  Instagram actually almost weekly throws my way new businesses to look at whether it be kids clothes or home stuff.  I'm a bit of an impulse spender too which is not always good is it! If I have the money I feel like I HAVE to spend it! Surely I can't be the only one out there who does that.

Tindering - Ha now this one is for the singletons out there, okay I'll admit it I do use online dating apps! I mean who doesn't now a days.  My social life isn't exactly amazing that I can get out there constantly and meet guys so I guess now online dating is the way forward!  I'm actually going to write a whole new separate post for this as I do have a few Tinder stories to tell.  There are also a couple of other dating apps I have tried in the past that I will tell you about soon! But being a single woman, these days apps are the way forward.  I have plenty of friends who are now in happy relationships from meeting their partners online.  Watch out for the separate post as I do have a few good dating stories to tell, one of which should have put me off for life!!

Online Games - Have you ever had that sudden impulse to have a quick gamble online, I mean I would never I don't think become addicted to these sites but imagine going on say using a £10 deposit and coming away with £400, now you wouldn't be complaining then would you.  I think played responsibly there's nothing wrong with a bit of Online Bingo I mean people go out and play it so why not also do it in the comfort of your own home.

As you can see my life isn't massively exciting, but asides from these three things I occasionally get up to online I also love writing my blog.  I also have a plan which I would love to start for 2018 which I'm not saying anything about yet but, its something I've been thinking about doing for a while I've just got to get my head around how to start it all.  Any guesses what it could be? 


Pizza Express Richmond - Review

We were recently invited by Pizza Express to review one of my local restaurants, of course I said yes! Pizza Express is one of my favourite places to eat, especially with the girls as its such a family friendly restaurant.

We headed to one of our nearest which was Richmond, we went at peak time so was pretty busy when we arrived but were seated straight away by the lovely staff.  One thing I do like when eating out is something to keep the kids entertained whist waiting for food, I personally don't like the girls sitting at a table with an ipad or phone in their hand watching something so its great when places give the kids something simple like colouring pencils and activity sheets to do. 

The Pizza Express menu is great for kids, for £6.95 they get to enjoy a three course meal and drink - Baked dough balls to start with a side salad which always goes down a hit with my girls, and for main pizza, pasta or salad followed by dessert and bambinoccino.  They both went for the Napoletana pasta for main followed by a sundae for dessert. 

For my main (I skipped a starter) I went for the Caponata pizza, I usually go for something meaty but this time I really wanted to try something different.  The Caponata is topped with fried aubergine, green olives, tomatoes, onion, capers oil and vinegar with buffalo mozzarella and tomato - followed with Gran Milano cheese and fresh basil.  I have to say the pizza was delicious, the flavours were amazing and I think its fair to say I have a new favourite there.  Dessert was AMAZING! I had the chocolate fondant Pizza Express, and wow if you love chocolate then this is the dessert for you!  The soft melting centre was to die for!

We had a lovely meal, the food was fresh and tasty and the staff were great.  We will be back soon!

Thank you to Pizza Express in Richmond for having us.


Spoiling the magic of Christmas

I had to write this post, mainly to get this off my chest as I am so disappointed right now.  Abi came home today, sat down and said Mummy Father Christmas isn't real. Huh!? I was surprised to hear her say that as she has always believed in the big man!  But then I knew she wouldn't just come out with something like that, someone must have told her.  Then to my disappointment she told me that someone (I won't say names online) but told her that he isn't real and that I buy all her presents for her.  I mean why would someone do that to a child, spoil their magic of Christmas.

I'm doing my very best to convince Abi that he is real, and that Mummy only buys a couple of things but the rest are from him. 

We have a tradition every year where we visit a lovely place called Bocketts Farm, they have a ride on the tractor to see the man himself at his lovely grotto there in one of the barns, with seats of hay and the big man himself he has a chat with all the children, gets his big book out and each child goes up and tells him whether they have been good or bad! Its really quite sweet, he then gives them each a small present.  It is really magical, I mean I just can't understand why one selfish individual would ever want to spoil that for a child.

'The Crew' Cousins on their Annual Christmas trip

We will certainly be keeping the magic alive this Christmas and I hope you will be too.


Foxhills, Surrey - Girls Night Away

Being a Mum and having a busy life is great, but now and again I think its really important to take some time out for yourself which is exactly what I done the weekend just gone.  My friend Ana and I fancied going for a nice relaxing night away (child free) just to chill. catch up and have some girlie time so we searched online for local (ish) Spa places to stay.  We didn't really have the budget to have treatments included in our stay but wanted somewhere where we could use the facilities, pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, gym etc.  After looking on Booking.com I came across Foxhills Club and Resort which is located in Surrey home to a beautiful 19th Century Manor House and only a 30 minute drive from where I live.  I had visited Foxhills many years ago when my Dad hosted a Freemasons dinner party there, I remember the food being amazing and the venue was lovely, I wasn't lucky enough to stay overnight at the time but always did want to go back.

So we booked for the Saturday to stay overnight, check in was 2pm but I rang Foxhills reception to see if we could check in earlier which was not a problem if the room was ready, the receptionist told me if it wasn't then we were more than welcome to use the facilities and leave our bags with them which was great.

So finding the location was super easy, as I said previously its only a 30 minute drive from me so we got the trust Google maps on and headed there just after lunchtime.

Our room wasn't quite ready so we headed to the spa/gym area, put our bags in a locker and headed up to the gym for a workout.  The gym facilities were great, gym was a good size, and quite empty so we didn't have to wait to use the machines if we wanted to.  We done our own floor workout which felt great as I hadn't had a good workout for a while and wanted to get back into exercising.  After our workout we headed back to the hotel reception to collect our room key as we had booked to have Afternoon Tea at the Nineteen restaurant for 3pm.  

Our room was great, super spacious, clean, the bathroom was massive and we had our own robes to wear which was really nice and super easy to pop to the spa or outdoor pool without having to take a change of clothes.  We had separate beds which were so comfy, TV was a great size and tucked away in a cabinet, along with the mini bar! Which we didn't use.  We had tea and coffee facilities which was great as I love a good old cuppa!  Our room was located right near the tennis courts and outdoor pool, and we had a lovely little woodland track just out the back of our door (perfect for our Sunday morning run we had planned)

We headed to the Nineteen restaurant for our Afternoon Tea which we were really looking forward to and we super hungry after our workout.  The Afternoon Tea menu sounded amazing for £12.50 you got a pot of tea, two fresh warm scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, cake of the day ours was cheesecake & finger sandwiches.  I loved everything about the afternoon tea apart from the mouldy bread I was served for my tuna sandwiches.  I told a member of staff who sorted it quickly and offered to replace anything I had they took both Afternoon Teas off of our bill.  The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the staff member came back out and told us that the bread was fresh from that morning.  I can tell you now that the bread was not fresh at all, it was hard around the edges and at the bottom, you know that feel you get when the bread starts to go stale.  For a 4* location I was quite disappointed.

After tea we went to chill out by the outdoor pool which was super relaxing and the weather was lovely for it.

We were heading back to Nineteen that evening for dinner so were both hoping that everything would taste fresh this time and we weren't disappointed, dinner was lovely and fresh we both really enjoyed our meals.  We also had a cocktail in the Manor Lounge which was lovely.

Delicious Chicken, Broccoli & Spring Onion Pie with Sweet Potato Fries  

We headed back to our room around 9.30pm as we planned to wake up early the next morning and go for a run, so had our tea and a great nights uninterrupted sleep.  

Sunday we headed off in the morning for a run, found a random play area to have a quick workout and headed for breakfast in The Manor Lounge (which was included in our stay) Breakfast was delicious, I went for scrambled eggs, mushroom and fruit. 

After brekkie we headed to the outdoor Spa!  This was my favourite part of my stay, we wanted to use the Natural pool but that was closed so we headed into the outdoor Jacuzzi which was like heaven, Sunday morning relaxing with lovely hot weather in a bubbling Jacuzzi what more could we want.  We also used the steam room and finished off with a cool outdoor shower.  The indoor pool is massive and they also have an indoor Jacuzzi which we tried out before we left.

I left Foxhills feeling super relaxed, its such a beautiful place to stay and I would love to go back (for treatments next time) They have great facilities for a relaxing stay, or if you are a keen golfer then its the perfect place to go.  

The only thing I was disappointed in my stay was the mouldy bread for Afternoon Tea and on the Sunday morning there was a nappy sack full of nappies dumped outside the main entrance of where we were staying!

Disclaimer:  All opinions & photos are my own.


PS Nails - Review

I had to write up about these nails, as you know Primark I think have really come up in the world in terms of quality of the clothes, shoes, homeware and now their beauty products.  I am a mega beauty addict and love trying out new products budget & luxury.  So a few weeks ago I really wanted to jazz up my nails, I was going out for the evening with a friend but wanted something a bit more funky than I'd usually wear on my nails.  I've had false nails in the past, gel nails and have found that they completely ruin my nails, they become weak and break so was totally put off the idea of having them again.  Then I went to Primark and found a great selection of false nails.  

If I'm honest I didn't think they would be great in quality nor would they stay on but, how wrong was I!  They are the best false nails I have ever used and they actually stayed on for days which I was so impressed by.  I had loads of compliments at how great they looked, I'd say they stayed on for about 3 days until they started to come off, which was great for budget nails! Bearing in mind, I washed up with them on, showered, bathed the girls and done general everyday things.  

The best thing was they were a massive bargain price of £1 and they also had others for £2 so I purchased a few boxes!  

So if you're looking for something to jazz up your nails for just the night or even daytime wear I would highly recommend the Primark PS Nails.

P.S As you can see in my photo my hands are slightly different shade, this is not photoshop! I have been using the Skinny Dark Tan which I shall be writing about very soon on the blog!

I would love to know your thoughts on the nails? Have you tried them before? 

Thanks for reading x


Little Mix Concert 2017

The weekend just gone Abi and I headed to Twickenham to see her favourite girl group, Little Mix!  Abi turned 8 this year and I was struggling to think of what to get her, she has lots of toys enough to last her a lifetime in fact.  Timing was perfect Little Mix were playing at Twickenham Stoop Stadium, which for us is only a bus ride away so I thought it would be great for her first concert.

Tickets were reasonable at £50 each (plus a few pounds booking fee) and our seats were fab.  The Stoop is a very small stadium located close to the main stadium so anywhere you were seated or standing you had a great view of them.  I went for the seated option instead of standing as we had a bit of waiting around and Abi's only 8 so she's not going to want to stand around for hours.  My friend had booked tickets too for her Daughter and luck be in she was seated right next to us which was great, my sister and niece were also sitting in front!

The concert went on for an hour and fifteen minutes, for their age was perfect as they didn't come on until 8pm so being a Sunday night I knew it would be a bit of a late one for school the next morning.  

Little mix were absolutely amazing, being a cool Mum myself I love their music haha! But honestly they were fab, Abi loved it, I haven't seen her smile that much in a long time she was singing along to all of their songs (I was miming as I didn't know the words!!) dancing and having just the best time.

It made the perfect birthday present for Abi and one she won't forget.

I have to also say the security was great there, our bags were throughly checked before we went it.  A few weeks before hand when the Manchester bombing happened Abi didn't actually want to go, but I sat her down and reassured her that she would be safe with Mummy and that security would be doubled up.  There were armed police outside so they were on high alert which really put me at ease too, as a Mummy I wanted my little girl to go and have the best time without feeling anxious, which she did and I'm so glad!

So Mummies and Daddies if you are struggling to think of a gift idea for your Daughter/Son then I would say concert or show tickets are a great gift idea and something for them to remember.

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